Goodbye Mom: 

It’s the morning where a child decides he’s had enough of his abusive drug addicted mother’s demand on having him get her drugs. He’s build enough courage to listen to his grandfather and escape.

Written/Directed by: Crystal Angeles
Music Composer: Yu Shi
Boy: Liam Boyle
Mother: Liz Mares

Killer Craving: 

A craving haunts her as she is chased and surrounded by evil temptation. What would you do for that special snack? 

Starring/Written/Directed/Edited: Crystal Angeles

(Shot on Samsung And iPhone for a company competition)

Short Trip:

A female arrives home from work to quickly pack for a short weekend trip only to find out she will never make it. Inspired by my fascination for Giallo Italian films.

Female: Liz Mares
Written/Directed/Edited: Crystal Angeles